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Sore Spots Massage Therapy

Rejuvenate & Recharge

Hotel Halifax’s onsite spa, Sore Spots, features a selection of relaxing massage services. We provide targeted relief by using a variety of therapeutic treatments – from hot stone, cupping and barefoot massages to our classic hands-on deep tissue massage – all creatively delivered to specifically address your sore spots. Barefoot massage therapy, also known as Ashiatsu (ashi-at-su), is one of our most popular treatments, a broad yet specific form of gently compressive deep tissue therapy provided by the massage therapist’s feet. Because the massage therapist is able to use their body weight, an amazing depth is achieved that is helpful for alleviating postural, sports-induced and injury-specific tension.

Sore Spots Massage Therapy

Massage therapy isn’t just for relaxation. Our registered massage therapists will work with you to find the root cause of your aches so that we can help relieve your pain and better educate you on how to maintain your body and lifestyle.

It is our mission to honour both the art and science of massage therapy while we help you heal, prevent injury, and ease tension throughout your body.

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